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406 Performance Testing offers a safe and easy way to test building envelope air tightness and air duct tightness.  These tests help to identify air leaks in the building envelope (Insulated living space) or conditioned air losses through the duct work of the building. Another method we use in detecting areas of unwanted heat transfer is the use of a thermal imaging gun to spot latent heat in the building materials.  This can help narrow down where the spot is that conditioned air is escaping to the atmosphere and not making it into your conditioned living spaces.

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Blower Door Test

Using the door and fan system we depressurize the house to find spots of air infiltration.

Duct Blast

After blocking off all supply and return registers the duct system is then pressurized to find leaks in the ductwork.

Infrared inspection

A thermal Imaging gun can be used to spot areas with a temperature differential, this helps to aid in the process of finding where conditioned air may be escaping.

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P.O. Box 30251
Billings, Mt 59107

(406) 416-4183

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